Je l'aime FANTASIST For instantly enviable hair 「Hair Fantasist」
10-in-1 multifunction provides your hair with exactly what it wants.
A clear and pleasant sweet floral fragrance [Contains natural fragrance]

Repair Intensive Serum - Rich serum with a texture that virtually melts onto hair and straightens it

It virtually melts onto hair, making it silky-straightright to the tips

Quickly penetrates inside hair. It corrects the moisture imbalances that cause waves, straightening each strand hair
New development! Skin Care Serum Tailoring Hair Ceramic Fresh Milky Way to Sayari Sararito Envy Straight Hair

For times like these

· Damaged swell · spread hair to hair concerned · to hair after towel dry · before the straight iron · to finish the styling

How to use

It can be used on towel-dried or dry hair
~To get even straighter hair!~ After drying, blend lightly and use a straight iron to make hair even straighter.
Je l'aime Fantasist - Repair Intensive Serum (Straight) 100mL A clear and pleasant sweet floral fragrance

Concentrate Oil - Rich concerned hair oil that makes hair silky, light and manageable with no sticky feeling.

Rich oil provides an instant coating of shine! For shiny, hydrated hair that feels natural

Contains two kinds of repair ingredients that are effective on cuticles. They repair damage and care for torn cuticles. The oil has a rich and gooey texture yet blends in quickly, making your hair sleek and lustrous without feeling sticky.

For times like these

・For times like these, damaged, rough and unmanagable hair ・hair after towel drying ・concentrated care before bed ・how best to style your hair

How to use

Can be applied on wet or dry hair. Use two pumps for semi-long hair. Use a pump on damaged ends for more shine!
Je l'aime Concentrate Oil 100mL a clear and pleasant sweet floral fragrance

Concentrate Mist - Hair mist that instantly delivers emulsion-like hydration deep into hair.

An instant coating of hydration with just one spray! For manageable hair you can run your fingers through

This is a new kind of hair mist that combines the ease of a mist with the effects of an emulsion. Luxuriously formulated with micro beauty ingredients. Fine moisture mist penetrates to hair's core, instantly coating even damaged hair with hydration.

Choose from 3 types to suit your hair type and desired finish

Bounce & Sleek, Moist & Sleek, Straight & Sleek

For times like these

・frizzy hair ・bed head ・damage from hair dryers ・daytime dryness

How to use

Can be applied on wet or dry hair. Spray over all hair. Use about 10 full sprays to cover semi-long hair.
Je l'aime Concentrate Mist - Bottle: 250mL each Refill: 400mL each. A clear and pleasant sweet floral fragrance