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  • About Je l’aimeAll that your hair wants is here.

    Non-silicone and sulfate★ free products that soothe hair and scalp.
    Original formulas that target the hair troubles of modern women—damage and hair quality.
    The most supreme sensations, and the most ideal finishes.
    Love your hair exactly the way it wants with Je l'aime.

    ★Like sodium laureth sulfate
  • Je l'aime is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2013!


    With its original formulas targeting all kinds of hair troubles,
    Je l'aime is a long-standing favourite.
    And as a brand that caters to a variety of needs,
    you know that we'll continue to bring beauty to your hair.

    • RELAX
    • iP
    • fantasist
  • Shampoo that is gentle on hair

    We aim to create shampoo that is stress free and relaxing to use,
    and that leaves your hair feeling perfect.
    Je l'aime values the importance of gently washing hair, and develops products
    with high standards for cleansing ingredients,
    lather buildup, complete rinsing,
    how the products feel to use,
    and how moisturizing they feel.

    With amino acid cleansers*
    Non-silicone, sulfate-free and
    sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate-free*1 formula

    *SUPREME Velvet Mellow: TEA-lauroyl methylaminopropionate; SUPREME Cashmere Moist Gloss, iP and Relax: TEA-cocoyl glutamate
    ★Sodium lauryl sulfate, etc. *1 Excludes SUPREME and iP shampoos
  • Enjoy even the fragrance of hair care,
    made with natural ingredients.

    Scent is really important when choosing a shampoo, right?
    No matter how great a shampoo is, if it doesn't smell good it's hard to continue using.
    And when you find a smell you like, it's as if you get something a little extra out of it.
    We want to make your everyday hair care even more enjoyable with the fragrances of Je l'aime.